video shoot and produced by Francois Turgeon 

edited by Vincent Campbell

Text: Bob Oré

Painting: Christopher Butler

Men and women who have changed the world often leave a mark on human History. These figures that have reached the rank of prophets share many common traits:  humble, yet worshiped by the masses, they usually deliver a message of peace, love, equality and brotherhood before becoming victims of a tragic and violent death. From Jesus Christ, Gandhi, John Lennon, Joan of Ark, and Lady Di to Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, JFK to Anwar Sadat, their messages have gone around the world reaching the hearts of many. Going beyond racial, religious and political boundaries, their message is timeless and their spirit is immortal.

The destiny of these famous figures is intertwined with that of other souls, even more tortured and dark. For without an assassin, there would be no prophet. These assassins are often first-time offenders, a friend, a loved one, a fan of the prophet, or ironically, the prophet himself. Through their inexplicable acts of violence, they award their victims the status of martyr, immortalizing them in our hearts and spirits.

  • Client - Cogito
  • Date Completed - 2011
  • Skills/Tools Used - Art Direction, Filming