For a 10th consecutive year, Influence Communication is releasing its annual news report. The Review of news: 2014 Report analyzes the media’s work, identifies trends, and compiles rankings that draw from all the news published or broadcast in Canada between January 1 and December 8 2014.

The year 2014 was primarily marked by sports, provincial and federal politics, and the economy – three areas which added up to 43% of all news in Canada. There was no change either among the lowest values: poverty, the elderly, education, child care, and aboriginal issues. The Media Prominence Score of these five topics together amounts to a mere one-tenth of the space devoted to cooking.Toronto has become the opinion capital, as we found that an average of 35% of space in the city’s dailies is taken up by commentary and opinion pieces. In Montreal, these articles only make up 24% of newspaper content.

In our ranking of the top public figures in the media, this year Stephen Harper managed to return to first place – usurped by Rob Ford in 2013. And although we may see and hear women with increasing frequency on television, they have not become more prominent on our charts this year, as only three women show up in our list of the top 25 people in Canadian media.

Overall, nearly 10.9 million news items were either published or broadcast in Canada in  2014.

The Review of News: 2014 Report is distributed free of charge.




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